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Automatically checks torrent sites for new episodes of the TV shows you're watching and downloads the ones that you haven't seen yet. Works well with popular torrent clients such uTorrent, Azureus.

Torrent Episode Downloder, or TED, is a TV-show downloader. Legal issues aside, TED is one of the best applications ever designed for the downloading of TV torrents. TED completely automates the process of finding a torrent and downloading it. This tool comes packaged with a list of popular TV shows. There are hundreds and hundreds of them. For each show the app displays a brief summary provided by along with current schedules. Also, TED knows when an episode is going to be released, and it constantly checks for new torrents to be uploaded that correspond to a particular TV show.

TED is not a BitTorrent client, it simply finds the .torrent files for you. To get started with TED, you need to add a show to your list of TV shows. When you do that, you can specify what episode you want to download. The best option here is to go for the last aired episode. If you set TED to download the last aired episode, it will download the latest episode for that show and then download new episodes every week or as they are aired. There is no limit of shows that you can add to your list. You can configure TED to look for new episodes every 5 minutes or whatever time you want and you can also check manually.

Generally, TED finds torrents an hour or so after the episode airs. At times, TED might not download a torrent after a show is aired. In other words, it can be slow, but sooner or later it will download it. This is not an error in TED programming, it is simply a lack of available torrents or seeds. There are configurations that can reduce the waiting times.

All in all, TED is an application that automates the whole downloading process. It works great both for SD and HD torrents. It is an open-source project that is always improving upon itself.

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